WooCommerce Admin Buyer Chat

Admin Buyer Chat Plugin is a chat system which helps the admin and the buyer to start the conversation. This chat plugin establishes a real-time direct communication between admin and the buyers. Any buyer can start to chat with the admin. Buyer can ask queries related to the product that admin is selling or any upcoming products information, and admin can also reply to any buyer about their queries.


  • The Admin buyer Chat system is based on Socket IO.
  • Admin can chat with multiple buyers at the same time.
  • The admin and buyer can change status to Online, Busy, and Away.
  • Smiley/Emoticon support for an interactive chat between users.
  • Buyer list for the admin.
  • Buyer and the admin can view chat message timestamp with the date.
  • Buyers can do instant login from the chat window.
  • The admin and the buyer can view their chat conversation history.
  • It will work with HTTPS enabled websites also.


For query and suggestion please visit helpdesk

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